About me

“A good webdesign represents you, attract your visitors, and make them react.”


I am Dominika, a freelancer web designer, behind Skandesign art. Thank you for visiting my website, and taking time to get to know my work. As above said, this is my #1 principle when making designs, because I want both parties to be satisfied for the success of your business.

I am the web designer who will listen to your ideas, but also sharing with you my aspect from a professional point of view, based on experiences.
When I start a job I prefer to get to know my costumer above a cup of coffee, to learn about your business and your purposes for a fully personalized webdesign. I am offering designs which you can add your ideas and preferences to. After creating a webpage I offer half a year free maintance.
The workflow is the same with logo and other graphic designs you choose.


I am a self-thought webdesigner, who passionate about arts. I funded SKANDESIGNART to combine the aboves, and to represent my style of design.

I am using Photoshop, Illustraitor, InDesign and Google webdesigner. I am skilled in HTML and CSS coding, which is the base of webpage developing. I constantly learning new skills and being aware of the newest trends.

Skandesignart offering SEO services for the purpose of website promotion, since nowdays it is the key to raise traffic on your website and increase the number of possible costumers. These services making search engines attracted to your site and set up high rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.. Also reach your group of targets on social media sites as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc..

If you are to build a brand, other than a webpage you will need a working marketing strategy as well as a unique logo which is easy to recognise, and which your costumers can identify with your business.

If you feel I can help you in any of the aboves, feel free to contact me.